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S.O.S. Planet - A Robotics Project

S.O.S Plantet is a Robotics Project co-financed by the European program Erasmus+.  

It takes place in 5 schools in 5 countries: Turkey, Spain, Poland, Slovakia and Greece. These partner schools collaborated online and during student mobilities to carry out Robotics Missions and Challenges, as well as environmental activities.

The Missions are the preliminary activities through which students learned the basics skills about assembling, connecting and programming Lego EV3 robots.

The Challenges, which took place in the five countries, are problem-solving team activities, whereby students had to collaborate and solve in transnational teams.

The leitmotif of this project is the protection of the Environment so several activities ranging from lab experiments to visits to recycling plants have taken place.

In this website you will get information about our project and ideas to implement similar projects, as well as a number of resources for teachers and students.

Florencia Guazzora- Teacher and Coordinator

Meet Our Teachers

Florencia Guazzora

Project coordinator- Spain

Katarzyna Ratkowska

Projects coordinator and primary teacher- Poland

Miroslav Alexovic

English and IT teacher - Slovakia

Özge Nalbantoglu

English teacher - Turkey

Ilias Batzogiannis

Physics and IT expert - Greece

Jana Sudzinova

English and Biology Teacher - Slovakia

Vicente Calabuig

Technology teacher - Spain

Pilar Rubio

English teacher - Spain

Pilar Roig

English Teacher - Spain

Gustavo Salvador

Robotics Expert - Spain

Jorge Segarra

English teacher - Spain

Ivana Kačurová

ICT and Maths teacher- Slovakia

Zuzana Balogová

History teacher- Slovakia

S.o.s. Planet


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