Environmental Activities

SOS Planet Project aims to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our planet. Recycling, Reducing and Reusing is the key to minimize our eco footprint.  In order to save our planet, robots can be useful. In our missions and challenges robots help humans to recycle, classify rubbish, clean lakes, rescue animals and plant trees, among other actions.  Apart from robot programming, students have visited recycling plants, observatories, reservoirs, factories and natural parks. Laboratory activities helped students to understand how plants elaborate oxygen and therefore how they purity the atmosphere.


 Visit to Climate Change Observatory, Valencia, Spain

In this activity students visited the Climate Change Observatory. The observatory organizes games to raise awareness of environmental problems.  


 Visit to Cabañal Market, Godella, Valencia, Spain

In this visit, students asked shop-assistants where products come from to find out how much energy is used to transport these products.


Visit to the Fields, Godella, Spain.

Students found out what crops are grown locally and how they are irrigated.


Visit to Ojców National Park, Poland.


Visit to a water-treatment station, Cracow , Poland.


Visit to a factory, Cracow , Poland.


Learning about water pH. Students made a virtual experiment.

Visit to a planetarium, Slovakia.


Photosynthesis experiment, Valencia.


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