Challenge 1

On this mat, students were supposed to collect the rubbish placed in the circles and take it to the recycling containers using an arm.  They were penalised if they disturbed sea animals. They were asked to start and finish in the safe area.

In this challenge, we introduced the gyro sensor to allow the robot to make more precise movements and avoid the sea animals.

Challenge 1 

Using the gyro sensor

Challenge 1 task 2

Using the blue container.

Using the green container.

Using the yellow container.

Challenge 2

This challenge is situated in Slovak mountains the High Tatras (main theme of the mat), also a national natural park, where the challenge takes place. On the mat you can see mountain tarn, rocks, recycling area and six positions for the trees. The whole challenge has environmental aspects like planting trees in nature, saving the wild animal and cleaning mountain tarn. Typical nature levels in the High Tatras: forest, alpine meadows with scrub pines, rock level with no plants or trees. Our challenge takes place in the area with damaged coniferous forest. There was a huge whirlwind which definitely changed the face and appearance of our mountain chain in the year 2004. Most of the forest was destroyed and lost forever. It is twelve years after the disaster and we still plant a lot of new trees, which are prepared in special areas called forest plant nursery :)

So in the first mission robots will do this instead of human. Robot has to collect trees from plant nursery and move them into the forest to given area.

The aim of mission is to program robot that the robot finds the young tree in the plant nursery by using colour sensor, picks it up and carries it to the right place in the forest.


Time for solving the mission: 2 minutes = 50 pts, 10 pts extra plus for solving mission under the time limit

points for carrying each tree: 15 ppt (tree must touch colour place on the stump)

penalty points:

5 pts - dropping the tree

5 pts - lift (pick up) the robot out of the secure zone


The goal of the second mission was to redesign robot arm and create program to clean mountain lake. Robots had to collect the garbage from the lake and move it to the recycling area.

Tatras are well known also for its alpine tarns, which are every year visited by thousands of tourists. They are really beautiful, but tourists aren't so nice to nature. Every year they leave thousands of kilograms of rubbish, garbage and other trash all around the national park. So our robots will help clean one area around lake and collect the rubbish into recycling area. During the mobility you will see one of these areas also in vicinity of our school.

The aim is to design the robot that, it cleans the mountain lake from garbage and carries it into marked recycle place as quickly as possible

time for solving mission: 1 minute = 50 ppt

penalty points:

5 ppt for each non gathered piece of garbage

5 ppt for each piece of garbage out of the recycling zone (green points, places)

The third mission was the most difficult for precise coding and movement of robotics arm. Robot had to “save” wild animal from the hardly accessible area high in mountain. In order to simulate hardly accessible area, we put the rock on the top right corner of the mat. It is made by polystyrene. Students had to redesign the robotics arm once again. It had to be designed to pick the animal and transport it into starting position.

The aim of mission is to design an arm for the  robot so that it pick up the animal and carries it to the starting position. The robot has to get to the rock avoiding sinking into the mountain lake , crashing into the  rock or distroying  the planted forest

Time for solving this  mission: 2 minutes = 50 pts, 10  extra pts for resolving the mission before the time limit.

Challenge 3

This challenge has also to do with environment and it is divided in three missions. In the first mission the robot has to take a yellow tree (picture 1)(constructed by Lego bricks) or a red tree (picture 2), “by chance” to the right colored square in the left bottom of the mat (picture 3) in order to create a new forest there. The robot should be programmed in a way that when the color sensor “sees” yellow, the robot should choose the yellow tree first and when it “sees” red, it should choose the red tree first.

In the second mission the robot has to remove some rocks (picture 4) (constructed by Lego bricks) blocking the water from the lake to reach the village. Then the rocks should be transferred back to the safe zone (picture 5).

In the third and last mission of this challenge, the robot must draw a line from the river to the water reservoir (picture 6).

The students are responsible to decide the changes they have to make in the design of the robot in order to complete the missions.

Challenge 4

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Challenge 5
  1. Task –5 Minutes (Maksimum Score 470)


  • The yellow and red blocks will be put into the container of their own color.

  • After you put each block on their place, if the robot goes to the starting position,you will get extra point

  • While you are working for the yellow block, other containers will not be on the canvas.

In the same way, while you are working for the red block, other containers will not be on the canvas

  • Robot should not touch the  historical built and  Bosphorus .

   Put blocks into the container +100 

Return to the starting point +50

Finishing before 3 minutes + 50 

Using 1/2/3 sensor
           1 sensör +10
           2 sensörs +30
           3 sensörs +60 



  If you touch the  historical built and 
Bosphorus               -50 p

If you can not cross over the bridge -50

  1. Task –3 Minutes (Maksimum Score 200)


  • The robot will take the blue block  over the ramp

  • You will  remove the containers except the blue container.

  • If the robot goes to the starting position,you will get extra point.

  • Robot should not touch the  historical built and  Bosphorus

  • You should use Gyro and ultrasonic sensor.


Put blocks into the container +100 puan

 Return to the starting point + 50 puan

 Return to the starting point +50 puan


  If you touch the  historical built and 
Bosphorus -50 puan

If you can not cross over the bridge -50 Puan

  1. Task– 3 Minutes (Maksimum Score 300)


  • You need to design a mission that you think is most beneficial to the environment.

  • They can use all of the sensor whatever want in task design



  • Usability grade for environment. 0-100 puan 


  • Effective use for sensors and programming 0-100 puan


  • Design                             0-100 puan

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